Tabung Cik Mia

13 September 2011

Victoria Secret Fantasies Body Mist

Salam n Hi to all,

Sorry for not updating this blog for soo long..i was busy with work n my lil princess =).. lagi-lagi Raya kan..berdouble-double la busy nye.... So ladiesss,  a box of VS body mist sudah sampaiii, so let's grab one wokey..

Presenting the sexiest body mist...... =)

VS Fantasies™ Exotics™ Tempting Berry™ Fragrance Mist (very very limited stock)
1 x available

VS Fantasies™ Exotics™Seductive Amber™ Fragrance Mist (very very limited stock)
2 x available

VS fantasies Pear Glaze
1 x available

VS Fantasies
Love Spell  3 x available
Pure Seduction 3 x available

VS make-up bag
3 x available
RM38 inc postage